Airdrie Over 50 Club - A place where mature adults can gather and participate in a variety of recreational, social, cultural and artistic endeavors..
“The Airdrie Over 50 Club provides the community a place, the resources and a warm respectful and welcoming environment in which to enable and enjoy social and recreational activities”

-Our Mission

The Airdrie Seniors first meet at George McDougall School with the support of the City
of Alrdrie Recreational Board on October 1968. The group was established with 33 members with the idea that
the group would meet every Wednesday for films, cards, socializing with lunch. The group went
for a trip to St. Georges in Calgary and held a Christmas Party that first year. They
would be known as the Over 60 Club. On January 1976, a certificate of incorporation
was received from the Government and was now properly incorporated as “The Airdrie
Over 50 Club” under the Societies Act having a membership of 38 members. In 1977, the
club had a Grand Opening of the newly built Community Centre which included the
Town and Country Centre, Curling Rink and a seniors’ meeting location.
In past ,years club members operated services to earn revenue for the operation of the
club.  Grants, along with personal donations plus a
lease Agreement of this building space from the City of Airdrie for one dollar per year
plus the cost of utilities, the Club continued to improve its services to include regular
card nights, organized games, general meetings and social events.
Club membership consists of approximately 275 annual members at the rate of
30 dollars a year per member. The club does have the reality of attrition, but even with
that we continue to grow with full participation of events on a daily basis. The club has
always had the policy of allowing the surrounding communities to join as members. We
also have events where we invite other clubs to join and those events where non-members
can participate for an additional fee.

Executive Board of Directors

President – Myrtle Brewster

Vice President – Carol Pearse

Secretary – Sheila Page

Treasurer – Tracy Schierholtz


Maintenance – Jim (TJ)  Lynch

Ways & Means – Sharon Uhrich

Phoning Committee – Cathy Gordon

Memberships – Lorna Wendell

Sports – Barry Sansom

Travel – Vacant

Rentals – Sharon Skiehar

Kitchen – Carolyn Graham

Please note that our Club is a scent / fragrance free zone.